Enrique Hurtado de Mendoza

About Enrique Hurtado de Mendoza

Born in Cuba, Enrique Hurtado de Mendoza graduated with a law degree from the University of Havana.  For 20 years, he worked for the Organization of American States, serving as a liaison officer between the OAS’s Regional Office in Geneva, Switzerland, and other international organizations with headquarters located throughout Europe.

Hurtado always kept his genealogy books close to him, according to his niece, Lourdes Weider. “He left Cuba in 1960, but he was never able to heal from the pain of leaving his land. The books helped him fill the gap in his heart.”

Mrs. Weider said that Hurtado always wanted to make the books and manuscripts available for the Cuban community in South Florida, but under the condition that these valuable research tools would be kept together, and at Florida International University.